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digital signage
Digital Signage What’s New

The Power of Digital Signage: A Complete Guide

April 3, 2024

Businesses always look for new ways to connect with customers and outshine their competitors. One such powerful tool gaining momentum is digital signage. This is an electronic display like an LED or projection screen. It delivers business important information, ads, and queue messages to customers. Thus, this makes the perfect customer experience with reduced wait …

Visitor Management System
Visitor Management System What’s New

A Detailed Guide to Visitor Management System

March 28, 2024

Nowadays, the secure management of visitors has become a major concern for companies and facilities of all sizes. Manual check-in methods are outdated and pose security risks and logistical challenges. In response to these new demands, visitor  management systems have proven to be a transforming tool for simplifying the visitor check-in process, improving security measures, …

Sekf service kiosks
Self-service Kiosks What’s New

How the Adoption of Self-Service Kiosks Improve the Queuing Process?

March 4, 2024

The use of self-service kiosks represents an important step forward to improve the queuing process in multiple industries. For example- retail, banking, healthcare, & more. These kiosks empower customers to independently place orders, or check in. This results in increased operational efficiency & a positive customer experience. The shift towards self-service technology addresses important aspects …

Effective Strategies for Reducing Turnover Among Medical Receptionists
Healthcare What’s New

Effective Strategies for Reducing Turnover Among Medical Receptionists

February 22, 2024
Lucas Mia

High turnover among medical receptionists causes problems in healthcare facilities which impact the efficiency of patient care and, most importantly, operational effectiveness. Medical receptionists are the first point of contact for patients who want medical care and support in the hospital. They manage appointments and handle inquiries to ensure smooth administrative processes. It requires a …

qwaiting at your location
Queue Management What’s New

How to Set up Qwaiting at Your Location?

February 13, 2024
Julia ching

Every business has its own specific needs and every location has its own distinct attributes. The Qwaiting queue management system is easily adaptable to meet your growing requirements. First and foremost, you won’t have to concern yourself with servers or wiring. Qwaiting operates on a wireless cloud-based system. You can begin using it with just …