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Every business has its own specific needs and every location has its own distinct attributes. The Qwaiting queue management system is easily adaptable to meet your growing requirements.

First and foremost, you won’t have to concern yourself with servers or wiring. Qwaiting operates on a wireless cloud-based system. You can begin using it with just a computer, iPad, or smartphone and WiFi. Also, you won’t have to worry about maintaining or upgrading the system; all of this, along with live human support, is included in the service.

In this write-up, we will go through the complete guide to setting up an all-in-one Qwaiting solution/App at your business. Also, what are the pros of using the system? Let’s dive in.

Guide to Setup Advanced Qwaiting at Your Business Premises

Qwaiting App

qwaiting app

Setting up the Qwaiting app at your location involves several steps which are as follows:

Create an Account

  •  Browse the Qwaiting app on your iPad or tablet.
  •  Create an account by entering the required information.
  •  Log in to your newly created account.

Connect iPad/Tablet

  • Open the Qwaiting app on your iPad or tablet.
  • Log in using the account credentials.
  • Ensure that your smart device is connected to a stable internet connection.

Buy a Stand for iPad/Tablet

  • Purchase a suitable stand for your iPad or tablet that allows easy visibility and interaction.
  • Consider a stand that provides a comfortable viewing angle for your customers.

Attach Welcome Message and Instructions

  • Create a visible Welcome message and instructions for your customers.
  • Print or display this message near the iPad or tablet on the stand.
  • Include details such as how to check in and any other relevant information.

Set Up TV and Browse Qwaiting

  •  Acquire a TV screen.
  •  Access the Application Store on your TV.
  •  Search for the Qwaiting app and install it on your Apple TV.

Configure Qwaiting on TV

  • Open the Qwaiting app on your TV.
  • Log in using the same account credentials as the iPad or tablet.
  • Ensure that the TV is positioned in a visible area so every customer can easily see their position, average waiting time and the sound notifications are audible.


  • Perform a test check-in using the iPad or tablet to ensure the system is functioning correctly.
  • Verify that the TV displays relevant information such as queue status and wait times.

Monitor and Maintain

  • Regularly check the iPad, tablet, and TV to ensure they are operational.
  • Address any technical issues as soon as possible to provide a positive customer experience.

Further Considerations

  • If you have high customer footfalls, consider using multiple sign-in iPads.
  • You can set up iPads for different purposes, which can be useful for larger stores and departments.
  • Consider situating an iPad near your best-selling product be a good option to enhance accessibility and customer engagement.

Qwaiting Solution

Setting up the Qwaiting System at your location involves the following detailed steps:

Obtain Necessary Equipment

  • Self-service kiosk: Ensure you have a Kiosk display for visitors to sign in.
  • Branding Board: Optionally, purchase a Branding Board for an inviting sign and instructions.

Kiosk Placement

  • Position the kiosk near the entrance where it’s easily noticeable.
  • Accompany it with an inviting sign, and if you have a Branding Board, place it next to it.

Login an Admin Account on the kiosk

  • Integrate the qwaiting solution with the kiosk.
  • Log in to your newly created account by entering the required credentials.

Multiple kiosks

  • For high-volume foot traffic, consider setting up more than one sign-in kiosks.

Instructions

  • Display clear instructions on the sign or Branding Board guiding visitors to sign in for service.

Confirmation Text

  • When a visitor signs in, the system displays a confirmation text on the kiosk, assuring them they are in the queue.

Queue Management TV Setup

  • If you have a longer queue, set up a TV to display the waiting line.
  • Place the TV in the general direction where visitors are serviced, such as above or next to service desks.

Waiting-Area Comfort

  • Depending on average wait times, make the waiting area comfortable with amenities like a couch, magazines, or hot drinks.

TV Notifications

  • The TV will notify visitors of their place in the queue and their turn through visual and audible notifications.

Test the System

  • Before officially implementing the system, conduct thorough testing to ensure all components are working seamlessly.

Benefits of Integrating Qwaiting into Your Business

The following are the advantages of deploying the Qwaiting Solution:

Real-time Queue Tracking

Less Waiting Time

Qwaiting the best queue management system provides real-time updates on queue lengths and service wait times. This allows businesses to minimize customer waiting time, leading to a more customer-friendly service.

Staff Allocation

With live queue tracking, businesses can easily see the current demand and adjust the staffing levels accordingly to provide efficient service.

Improved Staff Productivity

Real-time visibility allows staff to manage queues more effectively, resulting in improved staff productivity.

High Customer Satisfaction

customer satisfaction

Faster Service

Qwaiting simplifies the queuing process and helps to create a positive impression by delivering faster and more efficient services. Shorter waits to lead to happier customers.

Transparent Queues

Customers appreciate transparency in wait times. Qwaiting’s real-time tracking and communication features keep customers informed, reducing anxiety and enhancing their overall experience.

Better Service Quality

With reduced wait times, staff can focus on delivering a higher quality of service, and meeting customer expectations on time.

Data-driven Insights

Performance Analysis

Qwaiting generates an analytical report on queue lengths, service times, and customer flow patterns from where you can easily analyze these metrics to find out the areas for improvements.

Informed Decision-making

Data-driven insights allow you to make the right and accurate decisions regarding staffing levels and service adjustments. This enhances overall operational efficiency.

Strategic Planning

You can strategically plan for future growth, marketing campaigns, and service expansions based on historical performance data provided by the queue management system.

Integration with Other Systems

Simplify the Operational process

Qwaiting easily integrates with other business systems, such as appointment scheduling or other. This integration makes the whole process easy and reduces the manual data entry.

Efficient Information Flow

Integrated systems help to create an efficient information flow between different departments, enhancing overall communication within the business premises.

Final Words

To sum up, the Qwaiting queue management system can be easily customized to suit your business’s specific requirements. Utilizing its flexibility and implementing it effectively can improve customer experience, simplify operations, and adjust to the changing demands of your unique location. Regular monitoring and adjustments will help maximize the benefits of Qwaiting over time.

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