biometric queuing system

As a business owner, you always want to stay ahead of your competitors in the market. It is super important to give your customers a smooth journey and high-quality services to achieve success and business growth. However, long queues are the one factor that spoils customers’ journeys and decreases operational efficiency. The long lines are time-wasting and have security risks. This is where you need a biometric queue management system for your business. It is a cloud-based system that manages long waiting lines at the business premises and increases the service quality.

In this blog, we will learn how our system helps reduce long lines and improve service quality. So let us start understanding more about this by reading this blog!

Ways Biometrics Queuing System Handles Queues and Enhances Services

The following are the ways a smart biometric queuing system improves customer flow and simplifies daily tasks. Read ahead to have a detailed look at them.

Automate Check-in Process

In the old customer registration methods, the staff needs to enter information on registers or Excel sheets. This method is time-consuming and risks human errors such as wrong data entry, and loss of data. However, the biometric system makes this process simple and accurate by automating customer check-in. 

When a customer arrives, they can either scan their fingerprint or facial features to check in the building. Our system first checks if the person is already registered or not. If they are registered, the system provides them with a unique token. If not, they are prompted to fill out a form to complete the registration process and then receive a token number.

This token number further shows the spot of the customer in the queue and reduces their wait times. Our software eliminates the need for physical verification in the long queues. Plus, it adds a double layer of security which is difficult to replicate, which therefore prevents any unpermitted person from entering the buildings.

Share Live Queue Updates

Customers feel bored and irritated when they wait in long queues without any proper information. This creates a bad image of the business and affects its future growth in the market. So, our queue management system shares live notifications with the customers standing in lines.

It sends them real-time updates about their average wait times, the number of people ahead of them, or any changes in the lines. Our system sends these notifications to clients through text messages or emails. This transparency reduces customers’ worries and improves the experience. 

For example, in retail stores, shoppers may continue browsing for other things until they receive notifications about their turn on their mobile phones. Similarly, in airports, passengers may relax in the lounge areas before it’s time to go to boarding gates. Thus, our software allows clients to use their time in a better way while they wait for their turn in the lines. 

Save Customer Data Securely

Another advantage of our biometric queuing system for businesses is that it saves important customer data securely. Saving data with the old pen and paper method is not safe as it risks human errors. This affects the quality of service and spoils customers’ experience.

Our biometric system saves every customer’s details when they check in through it. The software follows strict data protection rules and encrypts it to keep it safe from unauthorized access. Also, the QMS system is helpful in healthcare, and finance institutions, where sensitive data is handled regularly. Also, as the biometric details are unique for each customer, it reduces the risks of identity theft.

Personalized Customer Services

Every customer wants special and personalized treatment. Business owners must give their clients the best service and the best choice of service. When customers get personalized services, they feel more connected to the brand. This leads to increased loyalty and satisfaction. However, it is difficult to remember the choices of different customers.

Our biometric queue management software in your business helps in this case by saving information in a centralized database. It automatically detects whether the customer had a previous appointment or any record with the business or not, during the check-in process. Later, saves this data in the centralized database. The owner and staff can use this data to offer services according to clients’ likes and dislikes. This helps reduce service delays and fast movement of the queue, which improves the customer experience.

Advance Security Measure

These days the number of workspace threats is increasing so, owners must invest in good security systems to safeguard their people and assets. This is where they must use our biometric system at their premises. It provides a safe environment that helps boost staff productivity and build customers’ trust in the business. Our software uses multi-factor security authentication methods such as one-time passwords (OTP) to increase business safety and security. 

Also, it easily integrates with RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology to track the movement of people in the building. This helps staff monitor the queue so they can check any crowded area and find on-time solutions. Thus, our system makes the working environment more safer and organized.

Integration with Other Systems

Our biometric queuing system is a versatile software that provides smooth integration with third parties to increase the functionality of the system. You may integrate the system with appointment scheduling software to simplify the registration process. Through this integration, your staff will know which customer has booked an appointment and which has not. This helps simplify the customer check-in process and saves your staff time. 

Also, If you run a retail business, you can integrate the system with RFID technology to quickly and accurately scan your stores’ items. This leads to quicker services and increases your customer satisfaction.


In the end, Qwaiting’s biometric queue management system is the ultimate solution to simplify operations and manage long queues in this business world. Our software is suitable for all business types such as retail, healthcare, and education.  It comes with advanced features that make it easy to manage daily operations and help improve customer experience. If you are a business owner who wishes to keep their customers happy and grow in the market, then Qwaiting’s biometric system is the right choice.