Why Queues are Bad for Your Business

Queues are not good for your business.

This might sound like a no-brainer, and yet if you work in retail, food service, or any other industry where there is a line and people wait to be served you will know what I mean.

It would seem obvious that queues are bad for your business because they take time away from customers and can cause them frustration. But the reality is that queues are also bad for business. 

Introducing queues into the customer experience can impact their perception of the brand. Customers tend to compare the experience they receive from each company with others around them, which can lead them to make negative comparisons between one company and another. This can result in increased indecision or even negative perceptions about the brand itself. Moreover, adding queues increases costs by increasing staff requirements and therefore increasing payroll costs (and VAT).

Reasons Why Long Lines Are Bad For Your Business

Long queues are bad for your business and can be a major roadblock to its growth. This is especially true if you’re a small business or you don’t have the resources to hire additional staff.

Here are some of the reasons why long queues are bad for your business:

  1. If a customer waits in line without knowing how long they have to wait, it may make them abandon the purchase. As a result, you’ll lose valuable sales opportunities, which will affect your bottom line.
  2. Long queues can cause customers to become impatient and frustrated, which affects their mood and willingness to spend money with you again in the future.
  3. Long queues can also cause customers to think twice about ordering from an unfamiliar website or app. As a result, it will end up costing you money in lost sales opportunities down the road!
  4. Long queues can make customers feel uncomfortable or scared, which negatively impacts their perception of your brand and makes them less likely to buy from you again in the future (or at all).

Tips to Reduce Long Queues on Your Premise

Queues are a great way to test your products and services. But, too many queues are bad for business.

The reason is simple: they kill customer engagement, reduce sales and deliver poor customer satisfaction.

People hate queues because they don’t know how long the wait will be, so they can’t decide whether to come. They might also get frustrated and start doing things irrelevant to the product or service you sell.

So, how do you reduce queues? Here are some tips:

Ensure Queuing Fairness


You might be aware that hopping between the queues to ensure quick service always causes anxiety among customers. This even results in increased checkout delays and increased customer churn rate. 

Ensure the first-in-first-out approach. It saves the visitors from jumping over the lines and managing the queuing process much fairer. 

Build an Engaging Waiting Environment


It is natural that when the customers are engaged and comfortable waiting in line, they hardly focus on complaining about long queues. You can achieve the same by ensuring customers the most possible convenience. Thinking about how? 

You can provide free Wi-Fi, coffee, or snacks. Integrate LED displays providing information about queue progress, weather news, and other entertainment. Place a magazine rack that customers can enjoy while they wait. 

Offer Top-Notch Customer Service


Commonly, customers become frustrated when they stand in the wrong queue and have to start over to get into the right line. It further makes them abandon the purchase or switch to another store or service provider. 

Here, ensure your staff or customer service representatives are always available to help the consumers get answers to their queries. They might also need help regarding getting into the right queue. 

Use a Digital Queue Management Solution


Physical stores need to retain their existing clientele in this digitally advanced world. Here, delivering them an exceptional in-store visitor experience can do the trick. So, begin with eliminating the long queue anxiety. 

Running any business needs to simplify the complete shopping process. Adopting self-service technology is one ideal way to deal with long lines. 

Integrate digital queue management software. It will allow customers to book their visits themselves. Thus, reducing the need for manually handling the registrations and saving the customers from standing physically in lines to get a token. They can track the queue progress in real-time and at their leisure. The customer can have a better idea of their estimated wait times. Also, the queuing system features an automated SMS notification functionality. It ensures the consumers do not delay or miss showing when it’s their turn. 


Long queues are a common problem that every business owner must deal with. I researched many reasons why you should reduce them to improve your business growth. Check Below: 

  1. Long Queues Lead to Unnecessary Waste of Time and Resources
  2. Long Queues Decrease Sales Volume
  3. Long Queues Bring About Bad Reputation for the Business
  4. Long Queues Reduce Employee Engagement
  5. Long Queues Decrease Employee Productivity

Many successful businesses, along with incorporating a queue management system, put their efforts into marketing and quality customer service. All these together help in lowering the customer churn rate and anxiety. Thus, helping reduce queue concerns and building a positive brand reputation. 

Incorporating a solution like Qwaiting can be the right choice suiting your demands and business specifications the most. So, why not leverage all these tips and such software together to prevent queuing and its results from impacting your business!! 


Written by

Ashley Yeo

Content Writer